NEXT RACE MEETING: Points Meeting 3rd August



  • Register as soon as registrations are called for. If you have pre-registered please pay and check transponder number when registrations are called.
  • Help setup: lap-counting system, PA systems, prepare circuit including watering if required.
  • The track remains closed, at all times during the set up and clean up periods, do not start your engines during these times.
  • Once registered you are required to stay until the completion of the last race and all equipment has been packed up. This is to also ensure we have marshals available for all finals and everybody is required to help with the packing up of all equipment.
  • If you must leave prior to the finish you must advise race control.
  • During heats, you must let faster drivers pass i.e. if you have been caught up to they are faster than you are! For finals, only if you are being lapped.
  • Abusive or bad language is not acceptable at any time, abuse of race officials can result in instant termination of membership.
  • Remove all rubbish! You must take all rubbish with you when you leave.
  • All members are asked to attend working bees from time to time.


Click HERE for online membership form.

*Your new membership application must have two seconders that are current members of the club.

*Membership will be considered at the next committee meeting.

*Valid to 30th December.

*Information collected by the ARCCC may be provided to the New Zealand Radio Car Association in applications made for national licenses. No information will be provided to third parties for commercial use without specific consent.