NEXT RACE MEETING: Points Meeting 3rd August

ARCCC Club Rules:


  • Once entered you are there to assist until the meeting is completed:
  • All Club members are expected to assist with working bees during the year.
  • Absolutely forbidden: Drinking alcohol or the indulgence of any substances during an ARCCC event, or attending an event while under the influence.
  • Above all common sense & courtesy should be observed always


  • Pre-Registration is preferred so as to plan for numbers for the day and to reduce time wasted in the morning of race day. Pre-Register HERE:
  • Those who haven't pre-registered must register in person to race control for your class registration on the computer. once registrations have been called for.
  • Important: It is helpful if you know your club number for both types of registration.


  • Our venues are generally open to public; please watch out for each others gear.


  • Practice sessions will be for all, please be courteous so all drivers can have a fair go. Please limit to one tank at a time, and marshal for one tank afterwards.



  • Rolling staggered start system is used.
  • Unless advised by race control you must follow the circuit, there is only ONE part of the track that may be used as a shortcut. That is the cutout section near Marshal position 9 (straight after Blue Mountain).
  • Please ask someone if you are unsure of where that is.


  • Heats are generally grouped according to ability.
  • Qualifying heats are seven minutes and run against the clock
  • If someone has caught you, let them pass.
  • Quite simply put, if anybody has gained on you, they are faster and you must let them past. The easiest way is to just go wide at the next corner
  • Rule: you must not impede the progress off another driver.
  • Impeding the progress of another driver can be deemed a black flag offence.
  • Note: Heats are purely time trials for a start position in the final, You are racing the clock, not! other drivers in your heat
  • No matter what! You must make every effort to enter circuit where you went off. Going off should be a penalty, the argument that you didn't gain a position due to an off circuit diversion holds no weight. You must make every effort travel the full distance of the circuit.
  • No repairs may be carried out on the circuit by marshals; all repairs must be carried out in the pits. Marshals are not there to repair cars.
  • All restarts must be from pit lane.
  • Race finish: Clear the circuit as quickly as possible, turn you're off car receiver first then your transmitter. Take your car back to your pit table and head out to your marshal point.
  • Be patient with marshals. They were not responsible for your cars predicament.


  • The term Marshalling is: The righting of cars that have gone over or off the circuit.
  • Marshall the heat following your race.
  • Marshaling points are numbered, marshal at point that corresponds to your grid number.
  • Make your way to your position as soon as possible after have finished your heat.
  • Marshaling takes priority over pitting for another competitor unless you find a substitute and inform the Race Director.
  • As marshals you will endeavor to do your job as quickly as possible.
  • Watch the cars covering your section of the circuit and not the race.


  • The finals race order will be posted at the end of heats.
  • A Finals are generally 30mins long, and B Finals are 20mins long. These times may be changed by race control to avoid bad weather etc but racers will be notified.
  • Race lengths will be printed on the grid sheets.
  • Starting grids marked on the circuit
  • Countdown; 2 minutes, 1 min, 30 sec, 10, 9, 8, at 3 seconds a computer generated prompt announcement "release the cars".
  • Your pitman will place the car on the ground with the rear of the car parallel to and against the start straight wall; do move until the horn is sounded; this is random between 1 and 5 seconds. Go on the horn.
  • JUMP START: Jump start or movement of the car after it is placed on the ground and prior to the start horn will result in a 1 lap deduction.
  • The start will be monitored by independent start officials.
  • If your car is not on the grid before the 10sec countdown starts or stalls on the grid you must start from the pit lane.


  • Points are only allocated to paid up club members.
  • Points are allocated based on your finish position in the finals.
  • One extra point is given to TQ (top qualifier) of the A Final.


  • Infringements will be dealt with by the race officials: the race director is word is final.


  • Will be carried out as deemed necessary, we will endeavor to keep things as fair and equal as possible.


  • NO! Loud or abusive language is acceptable.
  • DRIVERS this includes abuse to your pitman & Visa Versa or marshals.


  • Assist were you can, Speakers out, connect counting equipment loop and circuit preparation.
  • Help prepare watering equipment.


  • Help pack away all equipment used for the meeting.


  • On course race infringements include:

  • Deliberate corner cutting, short cuts, and time advantage.
  • Heats: Not allowing other faster drivers to pass.
  • Attacking on the next corner after being passed (trying to go inside=T Bone).
  • Jump starts in finals causing delayed restarts = Deduct one lap.
  • If a restart is required the offender must start form the behind the last grid.
  • Continuing when exhaust pipe has come loose [excessive noise].
  • Fail to act upon race controls request i.e. Black Flagged or called for stop go penalty etc.
  • Abusing marshals or use of offensive language at any time.
  • Off course infringements:

  • Failing to marshal.
  • Abusing marshals or use of offensive language at any time.
  • Anything that can show the club in a bad light or bring the club into disrepute.
  • Level of severity to be determined by the officials.
  • Action taken in consultation with officials.
  • This is a guide only, As the Race Director has the discretion to act or treat infringements as he /she sees fit.